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Literary Landscape

Literary Landscape
Thursday November 23rd, 2017 with Pearl Pirie
Nelson Ball

this Nelson Ball’s poem by fingerprint/inkoperated has sat at my writing desk for probably 10 years, through 4 homes. curt rudely brief briefly rude I’ve long admired his gentle good humour and his ability to make clear, but not oversimplified. His writing is free to be sombre, or comic. He takes his writing seriously but doesn’t take himself too seriously. He hits a sweet spot that allows a poem to be appreciated and face value and reread often. I look forward to each of his next books.
Nelson Ball - A Rattle of Spring Frogs - HAL magazine Canadian
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Sharon Olds - Odes - Penguin
Phyllis Webb - Peacock Blue: Collected Poems - Talon Canadian
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