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Third World Players Present
Thursday July 31st, 2014 with Lloyd Stanford
Mervyn Morris, Poet Laureate of Jamaica - part 4

CORRECTIONS RE “CELEBRATING PROFESSOR MERVYN MORRIS ON HIS APPOINTMENT AS POET LAUREATE OF JAMAICA” FOURTH PROGRAM. I apologize to listeners for three errors I made in the course of the recording: 1. The name of the students group to which I used to read Professor Morris’ poem “The Early Rebels” was then The Students Commonwealth Conference.---not “Forum” -a later part of its title. [An activity of the Ottawa Branch of The Royal Commonwealth Society it is now called the National Students Commonwealth Forum.] 2. The ladies residence at the University College of the West Indies about which the men of Taylor Hall envied those of Chancellor Hall for being nearer to is Irvine Hall—Seacole Hall did not yet exist.[I crave the indulgence of students of that era for such a blunder!] 3. In the lapse of time between the recording session and the later preparation of the broadcasts, I forgot that in fact I did not read the second poem in the fourth but during the fifth ,featuring the perspectives of the brilliant Millicent Byrne , will be broadcast on August 7.
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