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The Guest List

The Guest List
Thursday October 17th, 2019 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Carolyn Mark, Michael Watson of Amnita and Laurent Bourque

On the show today we open up with Carolyn Mark - always a fun chat. Carolyn is performing twice in our region this weekend. She's at Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield on Friday, October 18 and at Irene's in Ottawa on Saturday, October 19. She's on the road with an incredible group of people like Jenny Whiteley on all of her dates and she'll be joined by Rusty Ford at the Kaffe and Slo' Tom will be playing with them at Irene's. Carolyn tells us about how much she loves to collaborate with other artists and how she's putting together a new album by recording a different song in different communities working with a variety of great Canadian artists. Next we talked with Michael Watson of the Ottawa band Amnita. Michael talked about the band's decision to rebrand and change its name from Nighttime in Kansas to Amnita. He also talked about the group's decision to work with a producer for the first time and how that helped shape the sound of the band on its recent singles like "Control" and "Empath." We also talked about some of the thoughtful themes explored on these songs. The band makes its first Ottawa appearance as Amnita on Friday night (Oct. 18th) at Club SAW. Finally we hear from another Ottawa artist, Laurent Bourque who will be playing at the National Arts Centre's Fourth Stage on Friday night (Oct. 18th.) Laurent talks to us about the amazing five year journey he took to create his new album Blue Hour. It involved throwing out a full new album of songs after the pre-production stage, writing almost 150 new songs over a two year period when he also learned to play the piano. He tells us how the piano has changed his approach to songwriting and how working with Dan Ledwell affected the sound on the new record. Get out and see some live music this week and be sure to buy the music of the artists you love... so they can make some money and will keep creating great art for us to enjoy!!
Carolyn Mark - Terrible Hostess - Mint Canadian
Not LIke The Movies
Carolyn Mark - The Queen of Vancouver Island - Mint Canadian
The 2nd Time
Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle - Let's Just Stay Here - Mint Canadian
Amnita - single - Indie/on Bandcamp Canadian New
Amnita - single - Indie Canadian New
Thinking of You
Laurent Bourque - Blue Hour Canadian New
Blue Hour
Laurent Bourque - Blue Hour Canadian New
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