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Janis Lockwood
Thursday March 5th, 2015 with Janis Lockwood
Quartestski interprets Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring

Quartetski is a Montreal-based ensemble that reinterprets the work of great composers with non-traditional instruments and arrangements. The ensemble was founded by viola de gambe player Pierre-Yves Martel, whom Ottawa audiences may remember as a bassist with various bands around town. In February 2013, Quartetski celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first scandalous performance of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring by performing and recording their own modernist interpretation. After a long, grim winter that only now seems to be pointing towards spring, it is a gesture of optimism to play that piece in its entirety now. May the snows melt, the ice recede, and the sun woo life into bloom again!
The Rite of Spring
Quartetski - Quartetski does Stravinsky - Ambiances Magnétiques Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Great piece Janis! Now that the playlist is up, I can go dig it out. (File it near the Bad Plus interpretation of Rite ;^)

4:50 PM, March 5th, 2015
Janis Lockwood (host)
Glad you're enjoying it, Peter. Thanks so much.

4:51 PM, March 5th, 2015
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