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David Dalle
Thursday November 28th, 2019 with David Dalle
Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu from 1972-1991 and other African musics, New Italian Jazz, Ravi Shankar, Philip Glass and more.

I am thrilled to see a lot of attention recently on an unknown history of music: that of Somalia. The civil war which engulfed Somalia in 1991 and from which it has still not recovered largely kept Somalia outside the purview of all the international music labels during the 90's and 2000's. Musically, it has been a relatively black hole compared to its neighbours Ethiopia and Kenya. Analog Africa is continuing its resurrection of a fantastic era in music from the Horn of Africa with another great release "Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu 1972-1991". This compilation features some terrific finds made during a trip to Mogadishu in 2016 by Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb. He spent several weeks digging through the enormous archive of Radio Mogadishu as well as doing his best to track down and meet the artists (several he met in the UK where many had emigrated to) and he somehow managed to decide on 12 fantastic tracks on this new compilation, showing a wide range of popular music with diverse influences from American funk, disco and Somalian traditions. We will also hear other African musics, new Italian Jazz, music from Haiti and Cuba, Ravi Shankar, Philip Glass and more.
Hab Isii
Omar Shooli - Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu from 1972-1991 - Analog Africa New
Waakaa Helaa
Fadumo Qassim and Shareero Band - Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu from 1972-1991 - Analog Africa New
Iftin Band - Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu from 1972-1991 - Analog Africa New
Mukhtar Ramadan Iidi - Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu from 1972-1991 - Analog Africa New
Chanel 10 - Tanbou Toujou Lou - Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Vodou Jazz, & Electric Folklore from Haiti - Ostinato Records
Grazi grazi
Flavio Zanuttini & Opacipapa - Born Baby Born - Clean Feed Records New
The Act Of Killing Music (The King)
Francesco Cusa & The Assassins meets Duccio Bertini - Black Poker - Clean Feed Records New
Bendishon Disfrasa
Oswin Chin Behilia - Bendishon disfrasa - Otrabanda music
Star Band De Dakar - Psicodelia Afro-Cubana de Senegal - Ostinato Records
Bar Konou Moussou
Amadou Ballake et Super Volta - Bambara Mystic Soul - The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974-1979 - Analog Africa
I saw Philip Glass' 1983 opera Akhnaten last week in the live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera in New York as part of their Live in HD global program. It was incredible! So Philip Glass and his great operas are on the mind, but we don't have four hours to hear one of them, however, we have time to hear his "Trilogy" sonata for piano. Actually a transcription of music by pianist Paul Barnes from his 3 great "Portrait" operas, Einstein on the Beach, Satyagraha, and Akhnaten, are used to make up the three movements (I am quite particular to the slow movement, which is based off of the transcendent conclusion to Satyagraha). If you missed the live broadcast of Akhnaten, there will be some repeat broadcasts in February:
Trilogy Sonata
Philip Glass-Paul Barnes/Jeroen van Veen - Minimal Piano Collection - Brilliant Classics
Dhun Kafi
Ravi Shankar with Kanai Dutta - The Ravi Shankar Collection - EMI
U yo mussiya kwini
Ghorwane - Kudumba - Piranha
Interactive CKCU