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David Dalle
Thursday September 12th, 2019 with David Dalle
Blick Bassy and his extraordinary tribute to Cameroonian independence hero Ruben Um Nyobe.

Ruben Um Nyobe who helped found the Union des populations du Cameroun in 1948, the leading party struggling for independence from France. Ruben Um Nyobe led the party and addressed the United Nations several times arguing for self-determination of Cameroonians and other colonized African people. He championed non-violent struggle yet he was murdered by French soldiers in 1958. French Cameroon would achieve independence in 1960. "1958" is the extraordinary paean to Ruben Um Nyobe by Cameroonian artist Blick Bassy, recorded in Paris with only a few musicians aside from Blick Bassy, the cellist and electronic artist Clement Petit, trombonist Johan Blanc, trumpeter and keyboardist Alexis Anerilles. The 11 songs comprise both tributes to Ruben Um Nyobe as well as criticisms of Cameroonian society and politics since independence, particularly its neglect of Rubem Um Nyobe. Despite the small roster of musicians, the soundscapes Bassy has created are truly impressive, the opening track "Ngwa" at first sounds like pulsating Philip Glass accompanying the plaintive vocals of Bassy. The persistent presence of brass over the cello and electronics is really wonderful and Bassy's singing usually sweet and plaintive with a lot of falsetto but with sudden dips into growls is terrific. At only 35 minutes, this thematic album deserves a full listening.
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Sango Ngando
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Bes Na We
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
Where We Go
Blick Bassy - 1958 - No Format
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I was speaking with CKCU colleagues this week about Kronos Quartet and how Kronos (amazing and unique as they are) is actually one of many Quartets who specialize exclusively or mostly in contemporary music. The string quartet has been one of the most successful veins for new music in the 20th and 21st centuries. We will hear one of my absolute favourites, Witold Lutoslawski's single quartet from 1964. Typical of many of his works it is in 2 movements simply entitled "Introduction" and "Main Movement". In it, Lutoslawski explored aleotoric techniques (a fancy way of saying improvisation!) Despite its very experimental nature and very modern language, it has always been a very popular, gripping, and dramatic piece, widely recorded and performed. We hear a wonderful performance with the Arditti String Quartet who, like Kronos, specialize exclusively in new music and have had scores of commissions and pieces composed for them.
String Quartet
Witold Lutoslawski/Arditti String Quartet - Kurtag, Lutoslawski, Gubaidulina - Auvidis
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Interactive CKCU
Just joined in a few minutes ago. The Blick Bassy on now is deliciously stripped down and peaceful, yet mournful... Lovely.

2:36 PM, September 12th, 2019
David Dalle (host)
Yes I really love this album.

2:47 PM, September 12th, 2019