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David Dalle
Thursday August 31st, 2017 with David Dalle
Two fascinating Chinese influenced experimental albums. One with electronics composer David Shea, the other with jazz pianist Randy Weston.

Today we look at two fascinating experimental albums influenced by Chinese culture and music. American jazz pianist Randy Weston makes a musical argument for African influence on ancient China with his album "Khepera" featuring several jazz colleagues of his including Pharoah Sanders, African guests Chief Bey on drums and Chinese guest Min Xiao Fen on pipa. Electronic composer and artist David Shea's album "Hsi-Yu Chi" is a musical soundscape inspired by the classic 16th century Chinese novel of the same name recounting the journey of an 8th century monk from the Tang dynasty to India to retrieve Buddhist sutras. David Shea tries to portray the mythological journey with electronics, samples, live musicians and improvisations. He is joined by several guests including Wu Man and John Zorn.
Anu Anu
Randy Weston - Khepera - Verve
The Shrine
Randy Weston - Khepera - Verve
The Shang
Randy Weston - Khepera - Verve
Polonaise-Fantaisie in A flat Op. 61
Frederic Chopin/Sviatoslav Richter - Chopin - Suite
Waves Lapping at the Shore
Wu Man - Wu Man and Friends - Traditional Crossroads
Wu Man & James Makubuya - Wu Man and Friends - Traditional Crossroads
Temple/Sai Teen/Tai Tsung/Chang'an/Sun Wu Kung
David Shea - Hsi-Yu Chi - Tzadik
Silk Road/Black Wind Cave/The Weapons
David Shea - Hsi-Yu Chi - Tzadik
Orchid Tree
David Shea - Hsi-Yu Chi - Tzadik
Holy Mountain/Jetvana/Pure Land
David Shea - Hsi-Yu Chi - Tzadik
A Thread
Saffron Ensemble - Will You? - Tames Records New
Yaad-E-Nabi Ka Gulshan Mehka
Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party - Mast Nazron Se - SCI
Interactive CKCU
PeterB (host)
Just joined in, late... Thank you OnDemand later as seems to be the usual for me. Looks like a wonderful playlist!! Saffron Ensemble on now, about 15:30, I am assuming -- lots of South Asian instrumentation, piano, sax, and a TREMENDOUS female vocalist. WOW!!

3:36 PM, August 31st, 2017
David Dalle (host)
Yeah their new album is superb, I played a couple of tracks from it last week too.

3:45 PM, August 31st, 2017
PeterB (host)
WILL be looking that one up, for sure!! It WILL show up on This Island Earth as well, I predict with 110% confidence. I would call it "KILLER" tho that does not sound so world-music-y, I 'spoze. ;^) Yet more happy homework. Thanks yet again.

3:54 PM, August 31st, 2017