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David Dalle
Thursday July 20th, 2017 with David Dalle
Remembering the great Malagasy accordionist Regis Gizavo, from his debut album to his brand new release; Kudsi Erguner with one of his most interesting projects, fusing jazz with Mevlevi Sufi music.

Sad news to begin this program, the great Malagasy accordionist Regis Gizavo died Sunday while on tour in Corsica, aged a mere 58 years. The accordion is a revered instrument on the island of Madagascar, particularly in trombo-trance-music, which Regis grew up around and played accordion for starting as a child. Regis Gizavo was considered one of the most talented accordionists and after winning a Radio France International prize in 1990 he moved to France where he developed his international career. His debut release came in 1997 on Shanachie records and was the first Malagasy music I heard. An intimate album with Regis on accordion and singing with a single percussionist, French musician David Mirandon. It was an album of tremendous joy and beauty. He played with many other musicians including his 2006 release as a trio with South African guitarist Louis Mhlanga and David Mirandon again. Most recently he had recorded a brand new album and was touring with two other Malagasy musicians, the guitarist D'Gary with whom he played with in the 80's and the great Malagasy singer Monika Njava. We will hear their trio named Toko Telo with their new album "Toy Raha Toy". His music is so vibrant and joyful, it is heartbreaking it has been silenced so young. We will also hear from a fascinating recording by Kudsi Erguner, master of the Ney and traditional Mevlevi, Ottoman, and other Turkish music, but also very adventurous, we hear from his 2001 album fusing Jazz and Mevlevi Sufi music.
Regis Gizavo - Mikea - Shanachie
Song in my dream
Regis Gizavo, Louis Mhlanga, David Mirandon - Stories - Marabi
Be Tepotepo
Toko Telo - Toy Raha Toy - Anio Records New
Toko Telo - Toy Raha Toy - Anio Records New
Rakotozafy - Valiha malaza - GlobeStyle Records
Lalana Afakando
Rakoto Frah - Flute Master of Madagascar - GlobeStyle Records
Betsimisaraka morceaux tomba: Volamena and Volon'omby
Jily, Ron Emoff - Madagascar - Spirit Music from the Tamatave region - Unesco
D'Gary - Mbo Loza - Indigo
D'Gary - Mbo Leza - Indigo
Regis Gizavo - Mikea - Shanachie
Hainao Moa
Toko Telo - Toy Raha Toy - Anio Records New
One Word
Kudsi Erguner - Islam Blues - ACT Music
Adjem Blues
Kudsi Erguner - Islam Blues - ACT Music
Kudsi Erguner - Islam Blues - ACT Music
Kudsi Erguner - Islam BLues - ACT Music
A favourite by Liszt, and one of major importance for Liszt's development, particularly with sonata form. However surprisingly, Liszt gave it such a nondescript title, essentially "Large concert solo". This plain title hides the incredible form, the volcanic passions, some of his most beautiful melodies, and what is utterly startling music. And it is probably this generic title which has kept this masterpiece relatively unknown.
Grosses Konzertsolo
Franz Liszt/Guiseppe Andaloro - Complete Piano Music vol. 24 - Naxos
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