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David Dalle
Thursday June 4th, 2015 with David Dalle
New release from Toronto Flamenco-Mediterranean ensemble Ventanas; some Jazz Festival highlights and more

Today I’m showcasing a new album from the Toronto group Ventanas which is rooted in fusing two different Iberian traditions: Flamenco and Sephardic music. The group is driven by vocalist Tamar Ilana and she is joined by an eclectic group of musicians with influence from around the Mediterranean and the Balkans. They are having their 2nd album release party at the new, spectacular, Aga Khan Museum in Toronto tomorrow night. More information at We will also hear the Latin/Klezmer fusion of David Buchbinder, a bit more of the gorgeous Mali-Italian fusion showcased last week, and some highlights from the upcoming Ottawa Jazz festival including the Corsican group A Filetta and the incredible South African Pianist Abdullah Ibrahim.
Dedo Mili Na Pazar
Ventanas - Arrelumbre - Independent Canadian New
Ventanas - Arrelumbre - Independent Canadian New
La Sala Del Crimen
Ventanas - Arrelumbre - Independent Canadian New
David Buchbinder - Odessa/Havana - Tzadik Canadian
Amed Nesim-i
Ventanas - Arrelumbre - Arrelumbre Canadian New
Next One Rising
David Buchbinder - Odessa/Havana - Tzadik Canadian
The Heretic (Hebre Libre)
Brave Old World - Blood Oranges - Pinorrekk
Alle Brider
The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band - The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band - Flying Bulgar Recordings Canadian
Note that David Buchbinder is joined on his terrific Odessa/Havanna album by Hilario Duran on piano, Roberto Occhipinti on bass, Jorge Luis "Papiosco" Torres on percussion, these 3 will be performing Afro-Cuban Jazz at the Ottawa Jazz Festival on June 28th:

Abdullah Ibrahim will be performing with his trio on June 30th, not to be missed!
Manenberg Revisited
Abdullah Ibrahim et al. - Water From An Ancient Well - Black Hawk Records
Black and Brown Cherries
Abdullah Ibrahim et al. - South Africa - Enja Records
Ralph Alessi & Fred Hersch - Only Many - Cam Jazz
Le lac
A Filetta, Paolo Fresu, Daniele di Bonaventura - Mistico Mediterraneao - ECM
E' puru simu qui
A Filetta - Una tarra ci he - Olivi
Mamma La Rondinella
Ludovico Einaudi - Taranta Project - Ponderosa New
Mali Sajio
Ludovico Einaudi & Ballake Sissoko - Diario Mali - Ponderosa
Mali Sadio
Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra - Boulevard de l'Independance - World Circuit/Nonesuch
Mali Sadio is one of the most frequently performed songs from the Mandingue repertoire. According to the oral tradition passed on by griots, a hippopotamus used to live near Bafoulabe - the town on the confluence of two rivers, in northwest Mali. (The name for the country, Mali, comes from the word for Hippo). The hippo was not a menace to the village; the women would go down to the river to wash their clothes, and became very fond of him. And then, despite the womens' protests the hippo was killed by a European hunter. And so mourning replaced love in the village. That's why the refrain says "Bafoulaben Mali sadio deli man bete" - the hippo with white legs from Bafoulaben - it's hard to separate from someone you have become used to. This is a metaphorical song, you can sing it for any kind of separation, from a loved one, or even a country.

- from the notes to Boulevard de l'Independance

Two great versions back to back, the unusual instrumental version for piano and kora, and the incredible big band one (with Kora!) from the Symmetric Orchestra with singer Mangala Camara.
Sacred Bird
BKO Quintet - Bamako Today - Buda
Interactive CKCU
Flamenco, Sephardic, Klezmer, Toumani - fantastic show, Dave.

3:38 PM, June 4th, 2015