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David Dalle
Thursday October 30th, 2014 with David Dalle
Funding drive!! Greatest hits and music for Halloween!

This year marks my 20th year on air at CKCU. That is 20 years of volunteering to produce great programming-music, interviews and radio on-demand that you just won’t find in the world of corporate for-profit radio. And yet I still have so much more to share!! CKCU and my program need your support to be able to continue providing a unique voice for listeners in Ottawa and, indeed, around the world. I have many recent releases of rare music planned in the upcoming months, including John Luther Adams' Pulitzer prize winning piece "Become Ocean", a stunning masterpiece; the complete concert recording from their 2012 Paris concert of the great jazz masters Ahmad Jamal and Yusef Lateef; a journey into the dark psyche of Franz Schubert; Klezmer clarinetist Yom with cello, doublebass, and Iranian percussionist Bijan Chemirani in "Exodus", a work of astounding, almost Biblical intensity and beauty; and the regular coherent diversity of music you will not encounter anywhere else!
Rokia Traore - Beautiful Africa - Nonesuch
Natureza Viva
Olodum - Pela Vida - Cheiro
Boban & Marko Markovic Orkester & Fanfare Ciocarlia - Balkan Brass Battle - Piranha
Romeo Scaccia & Kocani Orkestar - Romeo Scaccia Meets Kocani Orkestar - Morgenland
Jane and Los Hoyos
Jane Bunnett, The Santiago Jazz Saxophon Quartet, La Conga de Los Hoyos de Santiago de Cuba - Alma de Santiago - EMI
All Hallows' Eve
John Zorn/Chris Otto, David Fulmer, Jay Campbell - On the Torment of Saints, the Crafting of Spells and the Evocation of Spirits - Tzadik
The Vanishing Pavilions Book I: 26
Michael Hersch - The Vanishing Pavilions - Vanguard Classics
Mohammad Reza Shajarian & Shahnaz Ensemble - Rendan-e-Mast
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
In honor of your 20th Anniversary of your show on CKCU since I was working there every Thursday for 5 years from 1991 to 1996 My online pledge of what else $20 Dollars! Hope you stick around CKCU for another 20 years!:}

2:04 PM, October 30th, 2014
David Dalle (host)
Thanks Mike! Everyone else, please pick up the phone and dial and donate! 613-520-3920! or online! We need you support!

2:15 PM, October 30th, 2014
Milly Dalle
I just pledged online. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!

2:45 PM, October 30th, 2014
David Dalle (host)
Thanks mom! :)

2:51 PM, October 30th, 2014
Sarah Dalle
I made it $10 dollars for every year my brother has been on the air, so $200. Thanks Dave for sharing your passionate love of music!

3:19 PM, October 30th, 2014
Great show, Dave! I like to listen to it while enjoying my homebooze.

3:32 PM, October 30th, 2014
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