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David Dalle
Thursday January 31st, 2013 with David Dalle
Music of Fred Hersch

American jazz pianist and composer Fred Hersch will be performing tonight at the Ottawa Jazz Festival mini-winter festival with his trio we hear here in a live recording at the Village Vanguard in February 2012. We also hear two other aspects of his musical career with a live solo recording also from the Village Vanguard and an example of his through-composed concert music. For more information on the concert and the weekend of jazz, Visit
Fred Hersch Trio - Alive At The Vanguard - Palmetto New
Fred Hersch - Alone At The Vanguard - Palmetto
Fred Hersch - Alone At The Vanguard - Palmetto
Lyric Pieces for Trio
Fred Hersch/The Gramercy Trio - Concert Music 2001-2006 - Naxos
I am standing and watching myself existing
Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar - Ruke - Piranha
The Song Is You/Played Twice
Fred Hersch Trio - Alive At The Vanguard - Palmetto New
The fundamental jazz tradition of playing and improvising on standards, widely popular songs from the 1930's to 1960's from American Broadway and Hollywood musicals was mirrored almost exactly 100 years ago in Paris, where a young Franz Liszt and many other aspiring piano virtuosos would improvise and sometimes compose fantasies based on the big operatic hits of the day. Liszt was by all accounts an incredible improviser, the closest we can get to his improvisations are his composed operatic fantasies, like this obscure but great one from 1835. There is not that much difference between a pianist in 1835 Paris and a jazz pianist in 1950 New York City!
Reminiscences de la juive - Fantaisie brillante sur des motifs de l'opera de Halevy
Franz Liszt/Leslie Howard - Liszt At the Opera V Complete Piano Music vol. 50 - Hyperion
Saffron is a very unusual combination with sitarist Shujaat Hussain Khan, saxophonist Tim Ries, pianist Kevin Hays, table player Abhiman Kaushal, and vocalist Katayoun Goudarzi. The focus in this piece and the other longer pieces on the album is on instrumental improvisation between the sitar, piano, and soprano sax, and I think it works really well.
Saffron - Dawning - Tames/Palmetto New
Glass House #9
Ann Southam/Christina Petrowska Quilico - Glass Houses Revisited - Centredisques Canadian
Interactive CKCU
David Dalle (host)
I snuck in this great song from Darko Rundek, from such an odd, wonderful album. It somehow fits with many kinds of music.

2:47 PM, January 31st, 2013
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