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Whatever's Cool With Me
Thursday January 13th, 2022 with Ryan Bresee & JP Torunski
The JP Does January 2022 Episode

Sweet Dynamite
Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite Canadian
(Everybody) Get Up and Boogie
Freddie James - Get Up and Boogie Canadian
Silver Tongued White Man
Jason Camp and the Posers - First Contact Canadian
Raven Flipped the Clamshell
Jason Camp and the Posers - First Contact Canadian
Jump into the fire
Harry Nilsson - Pandemonium Shadow Show (1967)
Nuna to Qilak (Land to Sky)
Piqsiq - Altering the Timeline Canadian
Tuva (Interlude)
Soulier - Expeditions Canadian
Chyraa-Khoor (Yellow Pacer)
Huun-Huur-Tu - Ancestors Call
Karangailyg Kara Hovaa (Dyngyldai)
Yat-Kha - Yenisei-Punk
We Praise Thee
Pavel Chesnokov; St. Petersburg Chamber Choir - Russian Sacred Choral Music
Tanya Tagaq - Tongues Canadian
Sinéad O'Connor - Saturday Night Live
Afro-Disco Beat
Tony Allen with Africa 70 - Afrobeat Nirvana
Black Panta
The Upsetters - Black Board Jungle
Stalag 17
Ansel Collins - Trojan Presents: Dub
Bam Bam
Sister Nancy - One, Two
Olav Basoski - Waterman
Think (about it)
Lyn Collins - Think (about it)
Amen Brother
The Winstons - Color Him Father
Maybe Tomorrow
Terry Bush - Maybe Tomorrow Canadian
Sinfonia from Cantata #29
Wendy Carlos - Switched on Bach
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra
Good Name
William Onyeabor - World Psychadelic Classics 5: Who is William Onyeabor?
Thomas Wilbrandt - The Electric V. – A New Perspective on Vivaldi's Four Seasons
Poster of a Girl
Metric - Live it Out Canadian
Take a Little Time
Kathryn Calder - Kathryn Calder Canadian
Mundo Nuevo
Alex Cuba - Mendo Canadian
Si tu me quieres
Alex Cuba - Mendo Canadian
Interactive CKCU