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Whatever's Cool With Me
Thursday May 12th, 2011 with Ryan Bresee
The Marley Episode

Infinite - 360 Degrees Canadian
I shot the sheriff
Bob Marley - Legend
Here Comes the Judge
Peter Tosh - Best Of
Til I'm Laid to Rest
Buju Banton - Til Shiloh
Ice Hotels
Dinosaur Bones - My Divider Canadian
Rebekah Higgs - S/T Canadian
300 Pages
The Balconies - S/T Canadian
Do I have power
Timber Timbre - Creep On Creeping On Canadian New
Maybe it's love
Andy Swan - Ottawa Canadian
I'll never tear you apart
Solar Solar - mp3 Canadian
I don't want love
The Antlers - Burst Apart New
Thee Srum Proggitt
Pinback - Information Retrieved Pt. A New
Love is on your side
The Love Machine - Sweater Weather Canadian
Get Some
Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes
Little Scream - The Golden Record Canadian New
Hey Rosetta - Seeds Canadian New
Queen of Hearts
Fucked Up - David Comes to Life Canadian New
Where the sidewalk ends
Ill O'Reilly - Butterfly Switch Bladerunner Canadian New
Westminster Abbey
Dream Jefferson - Punch Perm EP Canadian New
I Gotta Rokk
DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk New
We Got More
Eskmo - S/T
Clams Casino - Rainforest EP New
Nothing Like This
J Dilla - Ruff Draft
Jonathan Emile - mp3 Canadian New
Atmosphere - Family Sign New
The End
Macklemore - The Vs. EP
The Half
Eternia & Moss - At Last Canadian
Varsity Blues
Murs - Varsity Blues New
Germany Germany - Adventures Canadian New
We all try
Frank Ocean - Nostalgia Ultra
High For This
The Weeknd - House of Balloons Mixtape Canadian
This Space
Royksopp - mp3