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Whatever's Cool With Me

Whatever's Cool With Me
Thursday February 1st, 2018 with Ryan Bresee and Shoebox Recording Studio
The Shoebox Recording Studio Episode

Infinite - 360 Degrees Canadian
Mountain Eyes - The Beginning Canadian New
The Stringers - Unreleased Canadian
Salvation Mountain
Rumfit Mosey - Singles & Filters Canadian
Plant a Smile
Braden Foulkes - Unreleased Canadian New
house of cards
Sarah Scriver - Mind over matter Canadian
Seven and four
Bitter North - Vacation Days Canadian New
Out With the old
The Andy Kaufmans - Maggie Canadian
Like a Drug
Anick Taverna - Can't Be Explained Canadian
Buy You Flowers
Mitch Mainville - s/t Canadian
Don't Give Up
Jaycee Lauren - EP Canadian
Not a Doubt
Kyle Meyers - Unreleased Canadian
Better Off
Missioner - ep Canadian
Alex Silas - Tunnels 2 Canadian
Silly Games
Eddie Quotez - Otaku Canadian
I Quit
Danny Sylvester - Single Canadian
Jimmy Tri Tone - Lonely Highway Canadian
You're not Lost, You're Left Behind
R Mistake - Sleeping with the Kill Squad Canadian
Silent Winters - Fireworks & a Small Brigade Canadian
Dan Robideaux - Unreleased Canadian
Lucilla Al Mar - nada es para siempre Canadian
Love Me
Retroh - Unreleased Canadian
Dinosaur Song
Monkey Rock Music - s/t Canadian
Apple Cider
DRAE - Live Treats Canadian
I Saw a Ghost
Amos the Transparent - Anniversaries Canadian New
Dig a Hole
Big Snail - Single Canadian
Interactive CKCU
This is so exciting for Jaycee!!! Thanks Bryan and John for adding her to this playlist! :) Is there any way you could play her song in the next 20 minutes? I would love to hear it before I head off to a work meeting at 10AM. You guys rock!!!

9:42 AM, February 1st, 2018
You guys should play Anick Taverna! she's my friend and would love to hear her on the radio :)

11:19 AM, February 1st, 2018
It's all good gentlemen... I hijacked my meeting so that I could listen in! ;) Thanks for the kind words about Jaycee!

11:34 AM, February 1st, 2018
Hey There from the Kootney's! Out here listening live with Lucila Al Mar! Say hi to Brian and John! Miss you guys and the chip wagon outside!

11:35 AM, February 1st, 2018
Ryan Bresee (host)
We did, Jasmine! Earlier in the show.

11:36 AM, February 1st, 2018
Ryan Bresee (host)
Hi back to Jacob! J says man crush is in full effect.

11:36 AM, February 1st, 2018
DRAE is competing in the Jim Beam "Make History" Talent Search tonight - Thursday, Feb. 1st 2018 - at The Whiskey Bar. Come out and support local music!

12:03 PM, February 1st, 2018