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Whatever's Cool With Me
Thursday October 8th, 2015 with Matthew filling in

Long Long Time
Linda Ronstadt - Silk Purse
Ghosts Upon the Road
Eric Anderson - Ghosts Upon the Road
Chicken Bones
Brock Zeman - Rotten Tooth Canadian
Familiar Times
Angela Desveaux - Wandering Eyes Canadian
Steamboat to Concord
Dirty Ghosts - Metal Moon Canadian
Hold My Body Down
CATL - This Shakin' House Canadian
Pathfinder Blues
The Band Whose Name is A Symbol - Pathfinder Canadian
We Drift Like Worried Fire
Godspeed You Black Emperor - 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! Canadian
A Granular Buzak
Jerusalem in My Heart - If He Dies, If If If If If If Canadian
King and Country
Jeremy Gluck & Superszar - Those Times We Spent Together Canadian
Walk Like A Giant
Neil Young - Psychedelic Pill Canadian
Dorian Sonata
Harry Taussig - Fate is Only Once
Future Shot at the Rainbow
Peter Lang - American Stock
Blue Mountain Raga 1
Steffen Basho-Junghans - Imaginational Anthem Volume Three
Antibalas - Talkatif
Beautiful Nubia & the RRB - Soundbender Canadian
Interactive CKCU