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Whatever's Cool With Me
Thursday May 1st, 2014 with Ryan Bresee w/ Peter Simpson
The Peter Simpson Guest Host Episode

Infinite - 360 Degrees Canadian
Sound of Lions - Take Me With You Canadian
The Bruitals - Here Come the Bruitals Canadian
Bread and Cheese
A Tribe Called Red - Nation II Nation Canadian
Shiva Wire
Flight Distance - Bad Information Canadian
One Hit
Blak Denim - Vanguard(en) Canadian
New Mexico
Fiftymen - Balances and Sums Canadian
Where did your organ went?
Flecton - Never Took a Wife Canadian
Garaga - Miss Universe Canadian
Big Dick - S/T Canadian
UFO Rodeo
Big Jeezus Truck - The Big Hoohaw Canadian
Losing it
Silvergun & Spleen - Semi Truck Canadian
It's too cold
Philly Moves - How to Drink Yourself Famous Canadian
The Movement
ANTIKS - The Thing Is Canadian
Minimum Wage
John Allaire - Peace, Love and Understanding Canadian
This Age
Her Harbour - Winter's Ghost Canadian
The moon is gold
Kalle Mattson - Someday, the Moon Will Be Gold Canadian
Pembroke Murder Ballad
Kings of Lowertown - 60 More Miles Canadian
Tall Trees - How To Take a Fall Canadian
I swear I saw the Devil
Slo Tom and the Handsome Devils - Musta Been a Pretty Canadian
The Wishes Pile Up
Jim Bryson - Where the Bungalows Roam Canadian
Ha Ha Holiday
White Wires - Going Ga Ga compilation Canadian
Birthday Girls - S/T Canadian
So Sad Lately
Trevor Alguire - Miles Away Canadian
Shannon Rose & The Thorns - Seasons Canadian
Lynn Miles - Downpour Canadian
Tara Holloway - Out of Ottawa Canadian
Electrified into love
The Peptides - Love Question Mark Canadian
My Number
HILOTRONS - At Least There's Commotion Canadian
Telephone jaune
Mehdi Cayenne Club - Na Na Boo Boo Canadian
U can have him
Good2Go - C'mon Canadian
The Split - Can't Get Enough Canadian
Warm me up
Jonathan Becker & The North Fields - The North Fields Canadian
Lost in material
Cold Coffee and Salty Boots - Out of Ottawa Canadian
Hyfidelik & Prufrock - Granted Wishes Canadian
Shake your boots
Still Native - S/T Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Great looking lineup Peter. And look at all them can-con leafs! (From a fellow co-hosting slut ;^)

9:45 AM, May 1st, 2014
Ryan Bresee (host)

10:25 AM, May 1st, 2014
Roy Tubman
Some great Artist in the line up!

11:24 AM, May 1st, 2014
I am so impressed with the talent in this city!

11:26 AM, May 1st, 2014
Nana - France: chick Tonton - France: uncle Tati - France: aunt

11:44 AM, May 1st, 2014
Oops! Forgot: superb show - again! Thank you!

11:47 AM, May 1st, 2014
Ryan Bresee (host)

11:48 AM, May 1st, 2014
Just caught the end of the show, some great tracks. Thanks!

12:08 PM, May 1st, 2014
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