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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday November 15th, 2012 with David Yazbeck

Britannia by the Bay
Chris White - live in studio Canadian New
North, East, West, South
Solorazaf - News
live Fri at Shenkman Hall - part of International Guitar Night
Voodoo Mind
Gini Sigler - Ethereality Canadian New
live tonight at Maxwell's
Tumultuous Sea
Evening Hymns - Spirit Guides Canadian
live tonight at Mavericks
Fake Our Love
Rah Rah - The Poet's Dead Canadian
live tonight at Mavericks
East of the Line
Jill Zmud - As We Quietly Drive By Canadian
live tonight at NAC 4th Stage with Amanda Rheaume, Lynne Hanson and and Graham Greer.
Wait and See Love
Ambre Mclean - Live From Your Living Room... Canadian New
Instant Karma
Cuff the Duke - In Our Time Canadian
life Fri at Mavericks