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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday November 10th, 2011 with David Yazbeck

The Whale
Will Currie and the Country French - Awake, You Sleepers! Canadian New
You Were Right
Cuff the Duke - Way Down Here Canadian
live Sat. at Mavericks
We'll All Be the Dogs
Andre Bluteau - Crooked Smiles Canadian
live Fri. at Zaphods
When I Am New Again
The Darcys - The Darcys Canadian New
live tonight at Ritual
Spanking the Monkey
Hippie Campfire - Chasing Shiny Objects Canadian
Huggy Bear
Hippie Campfire - Chasing Shiny Objects Canadian
Fall From Number One
The Ethics - What I Did For Modern Love Canadian
live Fri. at Clocktower
In Flanders Fields
Jon Brooks - Ours and the Shepherds Canadian
Gimme Lovin'
Brandon Agnew w/ Benny Gutman - Ottawa For Haiti Canadian
live Fri. at Elmdale Tavern
Right Where It Counts
Matt Ouimet - Oh Jesus... Canadian
live Sat. at Raw Sugar
Inside the Cinema
Culture Reject - Culture Reject Canadian
Playa Blanca
Jorge Martinez - Cadencias Canadian