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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday April 6th, 2023 with Jeff Larocque
Arnprior District High School C-4 Robotics and Two World Radio Premiers from BoneCat & Graven!

Wake Up Call
Old Man Luedecke - Easy Money Canadian
Twist Pull Tear
Silver Creek - About Time Canadian
Pourquoi faire aujourd'hui
Lisa LeBlanc - Pourquoi faire aujourd'hui Canadian
Mr. Roboto
Styx - Kilroy Was Here
Robots take over The World
D-Noise - Stop Bleeding Robots
Poker Face (Rock Band Version) (faded)
Eric Cartman - Slammerjam
Here is a link to C-4 Robotics' last qualification match. It has a triple balance at the end.
Band Camp Friday is tomorrow! Support the local/Canadian artists featured on today's show:
Old Man Luedecke -
Silver Creek -
Lisa LeBlanc -
D-Noise -
Eric Cartman -
BoneCat's website:
Church of Trees -
Paragon Cause -
Graven's website:
Bon Bon ***World Radio Premier***
BoneCat - BoneCat III (release scheduled 21/05/2023 Canadian New
Church of Trees - Pish Posh Canadian
Grab up some $15 tickets to see Church of Trees and Paragon Cause this Saturday at Avant Garde Bar:
Drop Me In
Paragon Cause - Drop Me In (Single) Canadian
Middle Relief ***World Radio Premier***
Graven - Middle Relief (Single) Release 07/04/2023 Canadian New
Hair of the Dog (faded for BBC News)
Nazareth - Hair of the Dog
House ***World Radio Premier***
BoneCat - BoneCat III (release scheduled 21/05/2023 - #OnDemand Exclusive Canadian New
Be sure to check back here #OnDemand around 12:30pm eastern on Thursday when I will be dropping in an extra
Bonus World Radio Premier track from BoneCat! Exclusive to Thursday Special Blend. Thanks L-Dawg and Cool Cat Bill.
Oh... and if you're wondering who won the Battle of the Bands??? I will put the results up here at the same time.
Two big reasons to come back and check out Thursday Special Blend's show page and On Demand listening option later today.
Thanks for all the support gang. My email is:
John Allaire and the Fidelities - Paint It All In Blue
Blinker The Star - Love Oblast
Danielle Allard - Invader
Tin Constellations - A Cosmonaut's Lament
Area Resident - Phosphene
and Church of Trees w Courage advances as the People's Choice being the top vote getter of the non-winners.
Note: Several matches were a Draw as they were tied, or garnered no comments or votes on the Thursday Special Blend Facebook Page. Thanks to all of the artists who embraced the SOCAN SLAM concept.
Congratulations to all SIX Winners. You all ADVANCE to the next round. Date TBA. Opponent TBA.
Follow Thursday Special Blend to be the first to know the deets about Round Deux.
Interactive CKCU
Jeff Larocque (host)
I will from now on ONLY listen to the Eric Cartman version of Poker Face. Fact!

1:13 PM, April 6th, 2023