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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday March 24th, 2022 with David Yazbeck
Moonfruits + the Ottawa Grassroots Festival!

Feature length chat with Moonfruits + info about the Ottawa Grassroots Festival!
Moonfruits - Debut Canadian
Atoms of the Apartment
Moonfruits - Salt Canadian New
1000 Lovers
Lynn Miles - Love Sweet Love Canadian
Break In the Sky
Kristine St-Pierre - single Canadian
Twin Flames - Omen Canadian
A Day Called Summer
Kate Weekes - Taken By Surprise Canadian
All of the above artists (Lynn Miles as part of the Mavens) will be performing at the amazing Ottawa Grassroots Festival! More info:
Josh Joplin Group - Useful Music
Paradise Hereabouts
Howe Gelb - Sno' Angel Like You
Good As Gold
ilvekyo - Good As Gold Canadian
Aaron Allen & the Small City Saints - s/t Canadian
It Gets Easier
Jason Isbell - Reunions
The Gospel According To Water
Joe Henry - The Gospel According To Water
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