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Thursday Special Blend

Thursday Special Blend
Thursday April 30th, 2020 with Michael Powell
Digital government and Westray

Happy Thursday! Today, we look back on the Westray disaster to mark the National Day of Mourning for those that lost their lives at work, IN the last half hour, we'll talk with the Institute on Governance's Ryan Androsoff about his thought on the rapid shift to digital service delivery the government has taken in the last month.
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This past Tuesday was the National Day of Mourning, which reflects on the workers who lost their lives in the work place.

To mark this, we look back at a conversation I had with Vern Theriault on his book on the Westray disaster, "Westray: My Journey from Darkness Into Light".
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Ryan Androsoff, a Director on the Institute on Governance, reflects on some of the rapid changes we've seen from government as it rapidly shifts to digital service delivery.

Here's the link to the event he mentions:
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Great interview with Mr. Theriault! Thanks! Work Safety is even worse today...and the lowest paid! Nursing Homes!!!! Really!

8:49 AM, April 30th, 2020