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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday July 18th, 2019 with Matthew Crosier
Interviews with: Paragon Cause & Calcedon

Mighty Big Car
Fred Eaglesmith - 50 Odd Dollars Canadian
Sweet Little '66
Steve Earle - Exit 0
Truck Driving Blues
Steve Stacey - Tall Tales, Fibs & Outright Lies Canadian
Fred Eaglesmith, Steve Stacey & Steve Earle play Kemptville Live on Friday night
Little Pink Mack
Kay Adams - Wheels & Tears
Diesel on My Tail
Jim & Jessie - Diesel on My Tail
Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
Red Simpson - Truck Drivin' Fool
Things Are Changing Round Here
Jerrry Leger - Nonesense & Heartache Canadian
interview with Paragon Cause, they play the Black Sheep Inn on Friday
Drop Me In
Paragon Cause - Drop Me In Canadian New
Calcedon - Echo In Canadian
Interview with Brielle from Calcedon, new video is
Ice in the Desert"
Ice In the Desert
Calcedon - Echo In Canadian
Bells of Oaxaca
Daniel Lanois - Here is What Is Canadian
Fire on the Bayou
The Neville Brothers - Live from Wolfgang's Vault: Warfield Theatre San Francisco
Blue Monk / Stormy Monday
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Live: Mardi Gras in Montreaux
Savoy Blues
Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Preservation Hall Jazz Band Live!
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