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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday March 31st, 2011 with David Yazbeck

John Allaire - Ghosts of the Royal Motel Canadian
performing Saturday afternoon at Quinn's and Sunday afternoon at Elmdale House
Haybale Song
Baby Eagle - Dog Weather Canadian
performing Friday at Raw Sugar
Heaven Run Me Down
Eamon McGrath - Peacemaker Canadian
performing tonight at Zaphod's
I Dreamed We Fell Apart
Memphis - A Little Place in the Wilderness Canadian
performing Wednesday at LiVE Lounge
Hurt Somebody
The Murder Plans - Good Omens Canadian
performing Saturday at Elmdale House
Now I'm Here
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack
this week's 'Under the Influence' Track
Cloud Shadow on the Mountain
Wolf Parade - Expo 86 Canadian
Booze Can
Evil Farm Children - II: the Evilling Canadian
performing tonight at Mavericks
Royal Wood - Good Enough Day Canadian
performing Saturday night (sold out) and Sunday afternoon at Blacksheep
The National - High Violet
(Bit Part)
The Wooden Sky - If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone Canadian