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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday December 6th, 2018 with David Yazbeck

Lights Out
Casa Lagarto - Shed It Canadian
live Saturday at House of Targ
Ghosts and Flowers
Expanda Fuzz - Cotton Candy Jet Engine Canadian New
live tonight at Pressed
Could You Wait ’Til I’ve Had My Coffee?
Lisa Leblanc - Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen?
live Friday at The 27 Club
Told Ya So
The Matchstick Skeletons - single Canadian New
live December 14 at Bronson Centre
The Rain
Jumpin' Joel Flash and the Magic Machine - single Canadian New
EP Release Prom Saturday at Makerspace North
Blowing Smoke
Zoelly - single Canadian New
Below Breaths
Her Harbour - Go Gently Into the Night Canadian
live Monday at General Assembly
This Divorce
Kate Fenner - Middle Voice Canadian
Wish Myself Away
Fantástico! - Lies and Fairytales New
Behind the Wall
Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman
Le Maire
Moonfruits - STE-QUEQUEPART Canadian
live December 14 at NAC
Eyes on the Prize
Arkells - Rally Cry Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Frank Smith
Diggin' this Lights Out track immensely!

8:10 AM, December 6th, 2018
David Yazbeck (host)
Can you believe their lead singer and songwriter is my neighbour!

8:16 AM, December 6th, 2018
Frank Smith
Your neighbour. That's cool.

8:19 AM, December 6th, 2018