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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday October 25th, 2018 with Matthew Crosier
Funding Drive - Arlene, David Yazbeck, Kristine Ste Pierre

One Cigarette
Jim Bryson - The Occasionals Canadian
interview with Arlene, playing Monday at the Rainbow Bistro, with Zaynab and Kristine Ste-Pierre
Over You
Arlene - Home With You Canadian
Fool's Gold
Sue Foley - The Ice Queen Canadian
interview with David Yazbeck !!!!
London is Burning
Joe Strummer - Joe Strummer 001
Recipe For Disaster
The Lynnes - Heartbreak Song For the Radio Canadian
Oh Susanna - A Girl In Teen City Canadian
Streetcars & Trains
Kristine St-Pierre - Call Me Crazy Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Dick Altavista
Always great to hear you on the radio Matthew. Thanks for all you do.

8:25 AM, October 25th, 2018
Matthew Crosier (host)
thank you Richard. It is a privilege and an honour to be a steward of this wonderful place

8:47 AM, October 25th, 2018