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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday June 8th, 2017 with David Yazbeck

Midas Touch (All Our Guns Are Drawn)
Andre Bluteau - Crooked Smiles Canadian
live Friday at Pressed
Hole In Our Boat
Dave Carroll - Raincoat In Vegas Canadian
live June 16 - House Concert - email
No Fly List - Both Sides Canadian
live Saturday at Irene's
The Carnival Is Back In Town
Brock Zeman - The Carnival Is Back In Town Canadian
live Saturday at McKloskey's
Some Kind of Man
Ken Voita - unreleased Canadian
live Friday at Le Macon
Benjamin Booker - Witness New
Vegas Paris
Fet.Nat - Please Stop Saying It's So Beautiful Canadian
live June 14 at Club Saw
Don't Haunt This Place
Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns Canadian
Sunday Noises
Califone - Roots and Crowns
Dressed In White
Lyndon's Frozen Lake - Be a Light
Guns Before Butter
Gang of Four - Entertainment!
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