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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday January 12th, 2017 with David Yazbeck
Rolf Klausener, Lynne Hanson interviews

Swimming In Strange Waters
The Wooden Sky - Swimming In Strange Waters (release date: April 7) Canadian New
Even While You're Sleeping
The Acorn - Heron Act Canadian
live Saturday night at Pressed
My Focal Point
Chris Page - Volume vs. Voice Canadian
live Saturday at Irene's Pub
River of Sand
Lynne Hanson - River of Sand Canadian
live Saturday at NAC
Farmer Tune
Petr Cancura - Down Home Canadian
live Saturday at NAC
Nobody Rules You
Danny Michel - Matadora Canadian
Song For You
Joshua Radin - The Fall New
Jon Brooks - Delicate Cages Canadian
Shot Across the Bow
Chris Brown - GASCD Canadian
No Future Part IV - No Future Triumphant
Titus Andronicus - The Most Lamentable Tragedy
I Shall Be Released (live)
Wilco w/ Fleet Foxes - unreleased
Sons and Daughters
Hot Water Music - A Flight and a Crash
Interactive CKCU