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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday September 15th, 2016 with David Yazbeck

Plants and Animals - Waltzed in from the Rumbling Canadian
live at CityFolk!
This Is Our Time
Northcote - Hope Is Made of Steel Canadian
live at CityFolk!
Don't Mistake Me For a Playa
Fordy - single Canadian New
The Acorn - Glory Hope Mountain Canadian
live at CityFolk!
Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight
Dropkick Murphys - Blackout
live at CityFolk!
Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice Canadian
live at CityFolk!
Say the Words
Brooklyn Doran - These Paper Wings Canadian New
live tonight at Pressed
Glow On
Durham County Poets - Chikkaboodah Stew Canadian
live at CityFolk!
Dead Bird
The John Punch Band - Rocks and Minerals Canadian
live at Marvest!
Wake Up
St. Stephen's - All We Are Canadian
live at Marvest!
When Your Gods Are Dead
Claude Munson and the Storm Outside - s/t Canadian
live at Marvest!
Things You Remember
Ray Harris - East End, West End, North End, South End Canadian
live at Marvest!
Champions of Red Wine
The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers Canadian
live at CityFolk!
Let Me In
Basia Bulat - Good Advice Canadian
live at CityFolk!
Interactive CKCU
Frank Smith
Love this song. Great vocals and arrangement.

9:09 AM, September 15th, 2016
Frank Smith
When Your Gods Are Dead is a deeply soulful song. Wonderful stuff.

9:19 AM, September 15th, 2016