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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday July 7th, 2016 with Matthew Crosier
Mary's Odyssey at Laurier House, Perfect Pitch with Dara Mottahed

interview with Jasmine Bowen, Mary's Odyssey: An Interactive Theatrical Event at Laurier House,
Time To Land
Amanda Rheaume - Holding Patterns Canadian
Bend in the Road
Brothers Chaffey - Bloodlines Canadian
Mostly Stellar, Gunning Strong
Chris Page - Decide to Stay and Swim Canadian
Two Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps
Simon Templer - Splodgenessabounds
interview with Dara Mottahed about his podcast on CKCU, "Near Perfect Pitch". football (soccer) and music!
The Jazz Butcher - Scandal in Bohemia
Sunny Afternoon
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
What You Need
The Fall - The Nation's Saving Grace
Troubles to the Train
Alistair Christl - 8 Songs Canadian
Lynn Miles - Black Flowers Canadian
Cry Bitter Rain
Edgar Breau - Patches of Blue Canadian
Nightingale of the Euphrates
Jerusalem In My Heart - Mo7it Al-Mo7it Canadian
Interactive CKCU