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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday January 7th, 2016 with David Yazbeck

Chris Brown/David Corely/Prisoners of Pittsburgh Institution - n/a Canadian New
Silver Creek - Princes and Kings Canadian
Shawn Tavenier and Nick Gauthier perform live at a house concert on Saturday night. Email me for details:
Swimming Blues
Sheesham Lotus & Son - The High Stepping Music Canadian
live Friday at Rosemount Hall
If I Could
Danny McGaw - Twice the Love
I Ate the Whole Thing
Ven Dreddies - EP #116 Canadian New
Out of Control
Ilvekyo - Out of Control Canadian New
live Saturday at Lasso Live in Pembroke
Or Brother, the Line
Lost to the River - Lost to the River Canadian
live Saturday at the Blacksheep
I'm Already Down
Frank Koren - Red Chair Canadian
How Can You Turn Around
Northcote - Northcote Canadian
Dressed in White
Lyndon's Frozen Lake - Be a Light Canadian
Land of the Morning Calm
Apollo Ghosts - Hastings Sunrise Canadian
All These Governors
The Evens - The Evens
Jon Brooks - Delicate Cages Canadian
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