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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday November 12th, 2015 with Matthew Crosier
Community Media Convergence, CKCU 40th Anniversary

Community Media Convergence
Jim Hurcomb - CKCU Alumnus
Chewing Gum Telegram
Amond Duul II - Tanze der Lemminge
Peter Leo - CKCU Alumnus
Children of the Sun
Hawkwind - In Search of Space
Peter Lennon - CKCU Alumnus
Jennifer Maybank - Carleton International Education Week - Nov 16-20
East Pointers - Playing Live On Elgin on Nov 18
The Drift
East Pointers - Live on You Tube Canadian
Grant - Autumn Still
Our Last
Autumn Stiill - Autumn Stiill Canadian
Amelia, Bronwyn, "Tactics at Arts Court - (off) Balance, Feelers - Nov 13-21 at Arts Court
Interactive CKCU
Dawn Makinson
Loving hearing about the beginnings of the station from here in Buenos Aires!

8:49 AM, November 12th, 2015