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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday October 2nd, 2014 with Matthew Crosier
O Town Hoe Down Selvan Mohan fundraiser for prosthetic leg

Old Whiskey Road - O-Town Hoedown Canadian
Brandi Lee
RW Haller - O-Town Hoedown Canadian
Doghouse Rose - O-Town Hoedown Canadian
Drinking Not Jiving
Danny Duke & the Northern Stars - O-Town Hoedown Canadian
Roland Janes - Guitarville
South Texas Swing
Adolph Hofner - South Texas Swing
One Sweet Letter From You
Cliff Bruner - Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers
Trouble To the Train
Alistair Christl - Seven Songs Canadian
Silver Pistol
Brinsley Schwartz - Silver Pistol
Selvan Mohan
fundraising events
Yeti Talks to Yogi
Amon Duul 11 - Yeti
The Four Horseman
Aphrodite's Child - 666
Interactive CKCU
Nice interview with Selvan! Let's give our support!

9:14 AM, October 2nd, 2014
Matthew Crosier (host)
ty Alejandro !!!

9:18 AM, October 2nd, 2014
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