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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday March 21st, 2013 with Matthew Crosier
Tribute To Chopper

The Jeannie C
Stan Rogers - Turnaround - Borealis Canadian
Crooked Down the Road
Oh Susanna - Oh Susanna - Stella Canadian
I Will Be There
Shari Ulrich - The View From Here - Esther Canadian
After You've Gone
Mose Scarlet - The Fundamental Things - Borealis Canadian
Jimmy Mackinnon of Smelt Brook
Natalie MacMaster - Cape Breton Girl - eone Canadian
Goodbye Blue Sky
Luther Wright & the Wrongs - Rebuild the Wall Part 1 - Universal Canadian
There's A Man Going Round Taking Names
Bourne, Schuld, Stamer - Country Blues - Brouhaha Canadian
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings - Willie P Bennett - Bnatural Canadian
Wilder Than Her
Fred Eaglesmith - Drive-In Movie - Vertical Canadian
Comes A Time
Neil Young - Greatest Hits - Reprise Canadian
Tender Lullaby
Bim - Bim - Casino Canadian
Colleen Peterson - Beginning To Feel Like Home - Capitol Canadian
Creation Dream
Bruce Cockburn - Dancing In te Dragon's Jaws - True North Canadian
McArthur's Farewell to the West
Garnet Rogers - Speaking Softly In the Dark - Snow Goose Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Matthew Crosier (host)
Any requests you would like to play for Chopper?

8:24 AM, March 21st, 2013
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