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Booster Fawn // Debbie Christ // Twin Turbo
8:00 PM on Friday May. 17th
LIVE! on Elgin, 220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
Price: $10 advance, $15 at the door

Booster Fawn (Montreal) first started releasing music in 2016 - selling home-burned CDs in hand-knitted cases at open mics - because he wanted to bring the spirit of nature to civilization. To this day, that promise holds true. His unique heart rock sound combines inventive lyrics, catchy melodies and songs that - by blending folk and rock inspirations like Neutral Milk Hotel and Modest Mouse to a tee - are each in their own right brilliant earworms. Though he's released multiple albums and EPs in the past, his latest releases, "Dreams Made Of Snowflakes" and ''Pour maman'' (out now via Damaged Halo Records) primes him to be established as one of Montreal's most promising and exciting acts.

A fusion of femme garage rock, folk, and punk, where music defies categorization is where you can find Debbie Christ. (Montreal) Birthed as the sonic brainchild of Montreal singer/songwriter, and guitarist Clara O’Page. Accompanied by musicians Jacob Barton (guitar), Christian Lee (bass), and Jack Moore (drums), Debbie Christ crafts a sound of art rock intensity with soulful vocals, revealing lyrics, and some slick and memorable riffs. Debbie Christ will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs, ending on a high note of hope and optimism.

Emerging Ottawa three-piece Twin Turbo are a delinquent indie/sedimentary rock band formed from the molten heart of downtown Ottawa. After playing and jamming in local bands for years as teens, highschool friends Nick, Zach, and Ryan Turbo have set out to deliver a fresh take on clean cut, contemplative, Just-How-Mama-Used-To-Make-It Indie Rock, combining punky linear drumming with in turns abrasive, jangly, and angular guitar / basswork, with the spirit of folk informing the winding song structures and catchy, emotionally raw lyrics. Cool folks with sunglasses are saying it, the billboards are saying it, you can’t walk a block downtown with out hearing the chant of the people: It’s Turbo Time Baby.