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Lolina / Man Made Hill / Please / Jules Filmhouse
8:00 PM on Friday Apr. 26th
Lounge 164, 164 Laurier Avenue West
Price: $25.57

Since her time as one half of Hype Williams, the stoner dub project she formed with Dean Blunt, the persona of Lolina (FKA Inga Copeland) has always been a mystery. There is no record of her real name; there is not even any record of her actually being real. Her latest reincarnation is Lolina, the alias she has chosen to brawl with the traditional song format. Her proposal, a kind of deformed trip-hop, comes from the fringes, from beyond the edge of the known world. A fascinating trial and error method simply seems to go for the best error.
Her latest album Unrecognisable, a story about a city where buildings are used as weapons in a war between the government and the people, is out now on Relaxin Records.

Hamilton’s Randy Gagne aka Man Made Hill (Orange Milk Records) has been an underground music staple on Planet Ontario for the past 15-20 years. His live solo performance congeals synthetic pop, delusional funk, soundtrack music, and existential comedy into a dank and bewildering buffet. Bring your tongue and taste the pain!

Please is the experimental surrealist solo project of Hamilton-based multidisciplinary artist and performer Becky Katz (Sourpussy, glassEYElashes, Freaky Boos). With spur-of-the-moment improvisations that weave together voice samples with live instrumentation, Please cracks open a disorienting portal that invites listeners into her own musical psyche of phantasmagoric audio collages, all with a gleeful grin on her face.

jules filmhouse is a multidisciplinary artist producing work from the Planet of Earth. His practice, while mainly concerned with musical abstraction, embraces many different forms of audiovisual vibration. In a world of surreal exploration, he finds comfort equally in both wonder and disgust, resting in between the apparent opposites.

19+ / licensed event

presented by debaser, Strangewaves (Hamilton)
with support from Ontario Creates