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Axé WorldFest presents the 4th annual Empowering Women In The Music Industry Conference
April 25-27
National Arts Centre - 4th Stage, Club SAW, The 27 Club, 1 Elgin Street, 67 Nicholas Street, 27 York Street
Price: tickets on eventbrite

An essential gathering to continue much-needed conversations about gender roles in the industry, to network, spark new ideas, and connections through eclectic musical showcases, panels, and networking events over three days.

Mission: to connect, network, and amplify marginalized voices within the music industry.

🌵Thursday, April 25th 2024 🌸 DAY ONE

🍑TASSIA REIS LIVE from Brazil at the Azrieli Studio, NAC

More than just rap: She’s authentic, bold, and has zero tolerance for nonsense.
As a star of Brazilian rap, Tássia Reis has been making waves with hits that capture the highs and lows of life, infused with humour and a rebellious spirit that challenges the status quo. Her musical journey draws from a rich Afro-Brazilian heritage, blending influences from iconic figures like Djavan and Alcione to global sensations like Erykah Badu, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Recognized as a leading voice in Brazilian rap, Tássia refuses to be confined to one genre, exploring jazz, rap, drill, funk, pop, and samba with equal finesse.
In her ascent, Tássia remains a force of storytelling, commanding attention and leaving an indelible mark. Whether delivering a raw, soft, or sensual message, one thing is clear – Tássia Reis is the boss, and she’s calling the shots.

🌵Friday, April 26th 2024 🌸 DAY TWO
Club SAW - Networking BBQ and Showcases

🍒DJ Mari Rossi

Her visionary talent and musical insights are sought after and she is constantly on the cusp of new sounds, finding a home in, broken beats, Brazilian rare grooves, disco, soulful rhythms, and house music

🍐MC Jade London
From walking the runway to magazine spreads, recording music and competing in pageants, she truly has the rights to being two time Miss Capital Pride winner and Ottawa/Canada's Next Drag Superstar. With her background in dance, hair stylings and fashion, she uses her abilities to own all of her success.

🍇Mia Kelly - Folk roots w/ a twist of rock & soul

🍏Honeypaw - Ancient Lithuanian and Finnish Kalevala traditions, fusing them w/ modern soundscapes & rhythms.

🍍Lara Klaus - Brazilian influences w/ a soul-pop flavor

🥝pHoenix Pagliacci - R&B/Hip-Hop

🍓Djely Tapa - Sahelian, blues and electro atmospheres

🌵Saturday, April 27th 2024 🌸 DAY THREE

🌼MC Treasa Levasseur

🥭Kellylee Evans - jazz, soul, pop, and hip-hop

🍋Janice Jo Lee - blending folk, soul, jazz

🍎Lorraine Klaasen - Jazz & the classic sound of ‘Township Music'

🍊The Joy Lapps Project - Afro and Latin-Caribbean Jazz, w/ R&B and soul

🌵Saturday April 27 at CLUB 27 🌸 After Party

🍈DJ DEL PILAR - old school hip hop, funk, disco, and house music


🥑ROSINA - electronic music, joined w/ jazz, pop and rhythmic melodies