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Together Apart / Internet Dance Party 10th Edition
9:30 PM on Saturday May. 23rd
Online, your home

Come dance with us from the comfort of your own home. A big part of the fun is seeing your friends in the community dancing themselves clean to the same song. Get dressed-up. Get groovy. Get funky.
This week we have DJ Daisy and M. Caffrey joining in to bring on the jams!
DJ Daisy and M. Caffrey have been part of the regions dj community for years. YEARS. Best known as hosts of GhettoBlast SoundSystem renegade outdoor free parties, they pack crates of beats, bass, and dance floor fire as eclectic as their diverse million-selling-hit to mini-private-press collections of records.
Together Apart / Internet Party
DJ Daisy & M. Caffrey
Video Hard Science
May 23rd, 2020
9:30pm to 12:30am
Internet Party link available:

We'll be collecting funds for the Ottawa Food Bank via Go Fund Me:
*For best performance and connection, use a laptop/desktop
*Mac: Safari / Windows: Chrome or Firefox
*iPhone users: copy the link directly to your browser (clicking on it from the Facebook event doesn’t appear to work)
*if you’re having a connection and/or quality issues, make sure to turn off any other streaming (Netflix, etc