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Scattered Clouds, Ice Cream
8:30 PM on Friday Nov. 8th, 2019
National Arts Centre, 1 Elgin Street
Price: $15 advance

Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds is the sound of post apocalyptic romanticism. The Hull, Québec experimental band underscores auto-fictional narratives with brooding rhythm, cavernous vocals, and precise noise. Terse retro-synthetic soundscapes call to mind the works of Vangelis or Tangerine Dream, paired with the uneasy ecstasy of Suicide or the tense, thundering underbelly of Liars. 'Take Away Your Summer’, the seconds full length album from Scattered Clouds was released on June 27, 2019.

Ice Cream

Since 2014, Toronto duo Carlyn Bezic and Amanda Crist have been sending pulses through the underground as Ice Cream. One part DNA, one part 1999, with a live show that vibrates between cold stares and raw sensuality, Ice Cream are soundtracking a dance party for dark times. Ice Cream are working towards the release of their new album in Fall 2019.

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