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The Log Drive Café Presents Fánaid
7:00 PM on Friday Jul. 5th, 2019
The Gallery at Ecclesiax, 2 Monk St.
Price: $15

The Log Drive Café presents Fánaid, a traditional Irish trio from County Down in Northern Ireland.

Experience the subtlety and nuance of Irish traditional music played on the timeless combination of fiddle and flute with unique backing provided by flamenco influenced guitar rhythms. Reflect on the songs of love, loss and emigration that characterize the infinitely rich Celtic singing traditions, delivered with a refreshingly honest approach.

Hailing from County Down in Ulster, Fiona, Kevin and Paddy are regular faces in Belfast’s traditional music scene, one of the most vibrant in the world. As a trio they are very much in demand and can be heard taking to the stage most Saturday nights playing in Belfast’s top bars. Their unique and energetic repertoire champions the music of their native Ulster, but also looks further afield, incorporating tunes from Brittany, Galicia and Cape Breton.

All Ages and Accessible