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Jean Caffeine // David James Allen // Honest Racket
8:00 PM on Friday Jun. 21st, 2019
Bar Robo, 692 Somerset St. W.

Jean Caffeine (who will be supported by MTL-er and fellow first wave punk, Patrick Hutchingson A/K/A Scratchy 45) plays a punky blend of pop, folkn' roots. A singer songwriter and band front person, Jean has kicked out the jams in more than one continent. At home in S.F coffee houses, Texas roadhouses and in the Foreign Press club in Phonem Phen, Cambodia she’s played fests such as NXNE in Canada, BID in Germany and the SXSW and CMJ in the US.
Caffeine, has had more lives than a cat. She drummed for 70’s SF all girl band the Urge and NYC 15 -minutes -of -famers Pulsallama, , who were known for chanting, cardboard props and rhythmic cacophony. They opened for the Clash, had their picture in Interview Magazine, and got kicked off a bill with PIL ltd.

Jean went on to front her own y'allternative country band Jean Caffeine's All Nite Truckstop out of Austin, TX in the 90s. Jean is touted as having the first SXSW day party, one of which featured R.L. Burnside playin’ on her back porch accompanied by her dog Pee Wee.
The 21st century finds Jean on a more singer/songwriter tack, adding to pop, and folk n’roll into the mix". Previous releases include Rig Rock Truckstop 45, “Hard Work and a Lot of Hairspray” and the cd’s, “Jean Caffeine’s All Nite Truckstop”, “Knocked Down 7 Times, Got up 8”, and “Idee Fixe”. A three year stint in Canada inspired a wealth of new material. Jean is putting the finishing touches on a new album, tentatively titled, "Love Letters from Laos" ” includes tracks recorded and or produced by Rob Halverson, Mike Birthelmer, J. J Wiesler, Lars Goransson and Yep Rock recording artist, Chuck Prophet.

Jean in also a visual artist and has exhibited work in the US and Canada. She was one of the animators in Rick Linklater’s, Waking Life and if you look carefully you can see her in the (Linklater) movie, “Slacker”.