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The Pretzels / The Faps / Slow Dawn / Organ Eyes
8:00 PM on Thursday Apr. 18th
House Of Targ, 1077 Bank St.
Price: $10

The Pretzels (MTL Noise Rock/Avant Punk)
If you like it noisy & chaotic in a Steve Albini kinda way then THE PRETZELS are for you.

The FAPS (Saskatoon Noise Rock)
Their brand of fast, heavy music is rooted in post-punk and indie rock, but flirts with hardcore, blues, jazz, psych, and pop. Often built on quick danceable rhythms and catchy guitar lines, their songs showcase an affinity for experimenting with structure – timings, key changes, or total mood shifts. While this may paint a messy and absurd picture, the vicious guitar-and-drum vessel of The Faps keeps an intriguing sense of familiarity, no matter how wild and erratic the sound becomes.

Slow Dawn (Ottawa Psych)
Experimental garage noise from Dan Druff (ex Holy Cobras). Hypnotic My Bloody Valentinesque swirl with some dirt & expansive vocals thrown on top. Grab hold & take the trip!

ORGAN EYES (Ottawa psych-pop, Bruised Tongue)
Un trio garage fuzz rafraîchissant en provenance du Canada.