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Odonis Odonis / Chrome Waves / Paragon Cause / Antigen Shift / Transmit vs Intangerines
8:00 PM on Friday Apr. 5th, 2019
Cafe Dekcuf, 221 Rideau St.
Price: $10 advance + service charges

Odonis Odonis (Toronto - Industrial Post-Punk Electronic)
Since their blown-out 2011 debut Hollandaze, Toronto trio Odonis Odonis has continued to push their sound further into the depths of post-apocalyptic experimentation. Following 2016's foreboding Post Plague, No Pop is the band's starker, more dance-floor-friendly fourth LP.

Chrome Waves (Chicago - Post-Metal)
Chrome Waves was formed by current and former members of Abigail Williams, Amiensus, Nachtmystium, The Gates of Slumber, The Atlas Moth, Twilight and Wolvhammer.

Paragon Cause (Ottawa)
The songwriting, production and musical duo take an eclectic approach to their music influences, fusing disparate sounds including hip-hop, jazz piano, 80's synthesizers and 50's guitars to deliver their personal brand of atmospheric rock-tinged electronica.

Antigen Shift (Ottawa, Industrial)

Transmit vs Intangerines (Ottawa, Experimental)
Experimental acid, techno duo from Low Noise Productions label.