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Girls to the Front featuring Kimberly Sunstrum & Merideth Brown
8:00 PM on Monday Mar. 18th
Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St.

Hosted by Julie Corrigan

Kimberly Sunstrum:

Kimberly Sunstrum is a Queer, Afro-Canadian singer-songwriter from the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Growing up in both Botswana and Canada throughout her formative years, she listened to a mix of South African pop hits, classic R&B, old-time country and American Motown: genre styles that are present and evident in her music.

Blending profound vocals with heartfelt lyrics, Sunstrum’s music delves into topics on family, race, feminism, Queerness and the ways these multidimensional identities influence how we navigate the world.

Infused with energy, Sunstrum’s music speaks to and draws in her multifaceted listeners. Her performances are high energy, authentic and create a long-lasting soulful connection to her audience.

Merideth Brown:

"Little Mountain Girl"