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Expanda Fuzz w/ Chautauqua
9:00 PM on Thursday Dec. 6th, 2018
Pressed, 750 Gladstone Ave.
Price: $7

Expanda Fuzz was conceived attempting to rip apart a Pink Floyd song with a distorted bass and a fuzz-driven guitar through a ripped speaker cabinet...while playing to a Roland 404 sampler.

The result of that experiment can be heard on the duo’s new record ‘Bleuets’, where they showcase their brand of catchy, droney, post-punk songs that hook heavily into a psych-garage sound.

Think Kim Deal fronting the Velvet Underground, or Mary Timony jamming with Suicide. Check out their latest full length release, Cotton Candy Jet Engine!

Scrappy instrumentalists generating sonically mindbending modness while channeling dusty explorations of experimental ambience and white noise. Chautauqua recently recorded with Juno nominee Topon Das at his apt2 recording studio and will be releasing the 4 song e.p. in to the wild December 6th.