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Skreedlemania Nite 2: Andrew Vincent & The Pirates / more
9:00 PM on Saturday Sep. 16th, 2017
House Of Targ, 1077 Bank St.
Price: $10
Presented by: House of TARG, Beau's All Natural

Skreedle Lite Nite ...
Adam Saikaley Trio/Hundred Pacer/Nightshades/Average Times - and a very special & rare appearance by Andrew Vincent and the Pirates!!

Ottawa goodtimes Rock n Roll Singer SongWriter

Average Times (Ottawa Garage Punk)
Hosehead / Bruised Toungue / P-Trash records. 2nd only to their energetic & super fun live show is the highly surreal & unusual in-between song banter... it will leave you scratching your head but then the music resumes thrusting you in a blissful hot mess of a rug cutting session. It's a pretty good deal... you get to dance like nobody is watching & Average Times vocalist, Todd gets to talk like nobody is listening.

Nightshades (Ottawa Indie Garage)
"Described as 'Evil Blondie', Nightshades is a three piece, bass driven, speed grunge band from Ottawa".

Hundred Pacer (Ott Roots/New Wave)
Rey Sabatin describing his band... "Somebody described it as Cyndi Lauper meets Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty. I have 10 brothers and sisters, so I had to listen to all their musical follies … new wave was one of those things that I got out of it."

Adam Saikaley Trio
instrumental R&B, Hip-Hop + Jazz.


10% of proceeds will go to the Ottawa Food Bank
Co-sponsored by Beaus All Natural Brewing Co.

Everyone is invited ... except jerks. Let's have a blast!

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