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Ottawa Funeral Fest 2017
July 22-23
Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray St
Price: $20 Advance $25 Doors
Presented by: Pandamonium Promotions
Ottawa's premiere black metal festival... Funeral Fest! This festival features a lineup of all-Canadian blackened acts. These acts ranging from standard black metal, to blackened thrash, to blackened beatdown, to Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, and everything in between!
Panzerfaust (Toronto Black Metal)

Endemise (Ottawa Black Metal)

HolloW (Montreal Black Metal)

Empyrean Plague (North Bay Black Metal)

Göorgée (Sainte Jerome Blackened Thrash)

DEMONTAGE (Toronto Black Metal)

Arkos (Sherbrooke Blackened Death Metal)

Ringwraith (Ottawa Blackened Doomcore)

La Torture Des Tenebres (Ottawa Psychiatric Raw Black Metal)

Projekt Göthenburg (Ottawa Black Metal Cover Set)

Primortal (Ottawa Ambient/Depressive Black Metal)