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ZAUM / Flying Fortress / Muffler Crunch / Monobrow
9:00 PM on Friday Aug. 4th
House Of Targ, 1077 Bank St.
Price: $8

ZAUM (New Brunswick Doom)
ZAUM is a passage toward the dark realizations of ancient civilization; in the form of a monolithic doomy mantra based meditative experience forged by bass and drums interwoven by sitar and synth textures.

FLYING FORTRESS (Pembroke Crusty MetalPunk Duo Uncle D Recs)
Flying Fortress are a 2 piece containing Brandon Wars (Goat Horn, Zuku) vocals/bass and Steelrider (Goat Horn, Cauldron) drums. Prepare to be stampeded. Highly recommended!

MUFFLER CRUNCH (Ottawa Doom Rawk)
HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY - 2 piece. Drums & an acoustic guitar??? How can this be so impossibly HEAVY? Not your momma's acoustic guitar.

MONOBROW (Ott Instrumental Stoner Doom)
An epic journey of sci-fi metal meets psychedelic stoner in this shocking saga of riff worship. A TARG Fave!