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Natural Hair Event
11:30 PM on Sunday Feb. 23rd, 2014
Public Service Alliance Canada (PSAC), 233 Gilmour St.
Price: $15, 11 years & under Free !

3 Dreads and a Baldhead & Sigma Gamma Rho invite you to join us for a natural hair workshop with Inhairitance MTL (

This event is a celebration of self-defining beauty where curly can just be ! It can be hard to maintain curly hairstyles whether curly, coily, kinky however you want to define what your hair does. Caring for it through changing seasons and feeling beautiful when it just does what it does is definitely possible for ALL textures.

This is an opportunity for anyone whose hair curls to explore your natural hair, contemplate going back natural, talk about the joys and pains and learn what works for you ! Highlights: a natural hair workshop with Inhairitance MTL, a free hair consultation, a separate children & adult discussion, food & refreshments, musical entertainment by Tribal Threat, vending, raffle prizes and more !