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Empow'HER: Workshop Facilitated by Jacqui Du Toit
November 21-24, 2019
The Origin Arts & Community Centre, 57 Lyndale Ave.
Price: $250 (early bird fee)

Speak, Move, Empow'HER

Adults only, no dance or theatre experience necessary.

Our life experiences are often held within the body and we tend to carry our life stories in various parts of our bodies, storing them for years.
The stories that you tell yourself and others can often define who you are.
However, when we begin to embrace our stories....going into the past, working into the now and then creating new stories of where we want to be...then we can feel more empowHEARD.

EmpowHER is journey that I guide you on with all the creative tools that I can share. It’s a journey of self discovery, of spirit clarity, and embracing of where we have come from.
It’s a journey of moving to you story, of voicing your story and expressing your story.

During this heroic journey of authentic self-expression, empow'HER and well being, we provide a sacred space that allows you listen to other stories, and then view your own story in a innovative and creative format, allowing you to have full participation in your story and your journey, to celebrate all of YOU, what you bring and what you give. Majestic, powerful, inspiring YOU!

When: 21 - 24 November 2019

21 + 22 Nov = 6pm - 10pm
23 Nov = 11am - 7pm
24 Nov = 2pm - 9pm

Fee: $250 (early bird fee)
*Includes non alcoholic beverages and snacks

To register please email:

subject: Empow'HER storytelling workshop