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European Union Film Festival 2019
November 16 - December 8, 2019
Ottawa Art Gallery, 50 Mackenzie King Bridge

Founded in 1984, the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) is an annual showcase of the best of contemporary cinema produced in the European Union. Over the span of three weeks, the Canadian Film Institute brings Ottawa audiences a wide selection of award-winning films from the Festival circuit, never-before-seen in the capital city. For more information, please visit

We thank our partners in this important cultural event: the European Union Delegation to Canada, the participating EU Member States, and the Ottawa Art Gallery.

Nov. 16:
4:00pm: Finland, One Last Deal
6:30pm: France, Something Is Happening
8:45pm: Sweden, Amateurs
Nov. 17:
4:00pm: Slovenia, My Last Year As a Loser
6:30pm: Slovakia, Freedom Under Load
Nov. 18:
7:00pm: Greece, When Tomatoes Met Wagner
Nov. 19:
7:00pm: Croatia, The Eighth Commissioner
Nov. 22:
6:30pm: Italy, Welcome Back Mr. President
8:45pm: Luxembourg, Sawah
Nov. 23:
6:30pm: Czech Republic, Moments
8:30pm: Spain, Me, Myself, and My Dead Wife
Nov. 24:
4:00pm: Poland, Squadron 303
6:30pm: Latvia, The Mover
Nov. 25:
7:00pm: Portugal, The Dead Queen
Nov. 26:
7:00pm: Netherlands, The Resistance Banker
Nov. 27:
7:00pm: Denmark, Winter Brothers
Dec. 1:
4:00pm: Hungary, Eternal Winter
6:30pm: Lithuania, Ashes in the Snow
Dec. 3:
7:00pm Germany, The Collini Case
Dec. 6:
6:30pm: Ireland, Metal Heart
8:30pm: Malta, Limestone Cowboy
Dec. 7:
4:00pm: Austria, The Tobacconist
6:30pm: Bulgaria, A Picture With Yuki
8:45pm: Romania, Beside Me
Dec. 8:
4:00pm: Estonia, The Little Comrade
6:30pm: Belgium, A Wedding